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A custom app on the App Store or Google Play Store sets you apart from your competition.  Apps can improve client communication, provide a data analytics tool for your practice, provide a valuable marketing opportunity, and set your firm apart in the market like nothing else can.  Whether you want an app that can be implemented into a marketing campaign, or one that helps communicate with your clients to improve their experience with your office, we can build the solution you're looking for.

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Tell your firm's story through a fun and informative animated video. Educate your clients and customers through the use of an animated video designed to provide the answers customers generally ask in a fun and informative way. We will assist in creating your script, designing the story and directing an animated video that you'll proudly display in your next online campaign.

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Nothing sets a business apart from their competition like customized business software specially tailored for their unique business needs. Sharkskin Media builds software for law firms and businesses, and we can build software for your unique need.  Our team will get to know your business needs, develop a custom proposal for a digital product, and help you build the software tools that will help set you apart from your competition around the corner.

Sharkskin Media Logo


There are more digital tools to implement into your business than ever before. What works? What do you really need given your goals? These are questions that everyone asks when evaluating what digital tools to use in their business. Business management software, intake and CRM platforms, billing and accounting tools, and custom client apps, the list goes on.  We're here to help implement, advise and provide a winning strategy to develop your unique best practices.

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