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Sharkskin Media Affiliate Launches Legal App Platform.

Sharkskin Media founder Chris Smith, recently announced the launch of Your Firm App stating, “We’re excited to provide this platform to law firms who have been looking for a better mobile identity. I wanted this product in my own practice and it just wasn’t available, so we’re excited to make it available to other firms.”

Your Firm App is a first of its kind law practice client app which is custom branded with the law firm’s logo and contact information providing a unique and innovative app for each respective law firm and making it the first white label app offered in a software-as-a-service package. “I wanted to see an app that was easy for clients to use, provided the information they most often requested, and was cost-effective so that every attorney would have access to it. I think we’ve built that," said Smith.

Your Firm App improves attorney-client communication, eliminating unnecessary staff time answering administrative questions about a case. It improves the client experience by syncing with the attorneys practice management platform to keep the client up to date on their matter and providing a perceived lower barrier of accessibility to the attorney. And with Your Firm App’s LawPay integration, clients can view and pay their bills direct from the app.

Working together, Sharkskin Media and Your Firm App provide attorneys an opportunity to implement better mobile technology into their law practice. Your Firm App provides a bespoke app development which integrates with the attorney's practice management software, while Sharkskin Media stands ready to develop a fully customized app for firms looking for a more unique app experience. Together these two companies are changing the way the world communicates with their attorney.

For more information regarding Your Firm App, please visit

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